SEO is not for every business, just as the phone book was not for every business 30 years ago. There are dozens of ways to advertise your business, however, there are few ways that are as effective as being found in a search engine.

Just as the phone book was the go-to medium for finding a particular industry business in your area in the past. Google has become the first place most people look when searching for a local service or for researching a product.

People tend to believe what they see and read.

When they see your business at the top of Google they attribute a higher value to your business.

Likewise, if they see your competitors in the top results of their search, they are more likely to contact them.

Statistically, 30% of your prospects will visit the 1st organic search result, 24% will visit the 2nd result and 14% will visit the 3rd website result.

By the end of the first page of results, website’s are only getting a single digit percentage of their prospects.

Many businesses receive a large percentage of their customers, clients and leads through Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So again, search engine optimization is not for every business.

But if you want your business to leverage the best source for attracting prospects who are actively looking for what you are offering, then SEO is for you!