What Is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

In the beginning of the World Wide Web (WWW) the HTTP protocol was developed to deliver a website from a remote server to your computer. This protocol was later extended to include a form of encryption and was named HTTPS.

Why Does HTTPS Matter?

HTTP communicates from a server to a computer without any form of encryption.

This leaves that communication vulnerable to eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. Meaning, someone can detect and read the communication from your computer to the website you are interacting with. Enabling someone to steal your information, passwords, credit cards, etc.

HTTPS uses encrypted communication between your computer and the web server you’re interacting with. This prevents snoopers and hackers from picking up your communication and stealing your information.

As time has gone on, more and more websites have transitioned from the vulnerable HTTP to HTTPS to protect their website visitors.

Do I Need HTTPS For My Website?

Due to the growing number of malicious actors, snooping ISPs and hackers, it has become increasingly important to integrate encryption into your website.

Does HTTPS Effect SEO?

If HTTPS is enabled for your website is one of the many ranking factors that the various search engine algorithms take into account. Having HTTPS enabled for your website does positively impact your search engine rankings, but is likely not a deciding factor.

However, the biggest impact may be directly to your website visitors and your conversion rates.

Recently, Google’s Chrome browser has started showing a “Not secure” message when visiting a website that is not using HTTPS.

Since over 50% of people use Chrome to interact with the Internet, this change will likely have huge repercussions to businesses whose websites do not utilize HTTPS.

As a website visitor may land on your business’s website, see “Not secure” and leave. If they’re searching for a product or service, they may then go on to one of your competitor’s websites to find what they are looking for.

Our recommendation is to use HTTPS for your business’s website.