As in any area of your business, this is something that you will need to consider.

Is it best to outsource or hire the position in-house?

This is a common question in business and more times than not it comes down to a matter of finances and finding genuine expertise that will lead to real results.

The field of SEO is a very unique and specialized field.

One that can not be learned at any college, university or trade school.

A skill set that requires specialized tools, ongoing training, and continual research.

The field of search engine optimization changes faster than the fields of IT and medicine. Without vigilance, an expert in the field can fall behind within months.

Due to this, the mastery of ranking websites is an extremely lucrative skill set.

If you can budget around $122,200 a year then you can afford a single decent SEO.

  • $100,000 salary
  • $12,000 tools
  • $10,200 research and development

We wouldn’t recommend hiring anyone who would be willing to work for less than $100k a year.

An expert in SEO knows the value of the skill set they have. They understand the value they bring and the value of understanding search engine ranking algorithms.

If a person knows they can bring millions of dollars of revenue to your business, they won’t be willing to accept a low income.