Our process begins with a deep and thorough analysis of your website and current online presence.

We review your website, social profiles, citations and all websites currently linking to your business’s website.

By starting with a deep analysis SEO audit we are able to identify any problems that are currently holding your website back. We then start off by resolving those problems.

Otherwise, no matter the amount of work that is done, your website will never rank in the top positions.

These kinds of problems, also known as penalties, are extremely common for websites that have had SEO performed on them previously. Many internet marketers will use risky strategies attempting to rank a website as quickly as possible instead of using safe long-term SEO strategies.

Quite often these strategies do not work at all, but if they do, the results are short-lived and more times than not, end up leaving the website worse off than before.

By addressing these issues in the beginning, a tremendous amount of work and money can be saved in the ranking process.

Unfortunately, this step is too often bypassed or not effectively done, and rankings are severely delayed or never happen.