The next step in the process will be to optimize your social properties and business citations.

Your social properties include website’s like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like.

By optimizing your social profiles, you can rank these pages at times and also create a clear social image of your business when prospects discover you through your various social profiles.

Your business citations include your business listing on websites that clearly display your business name, address, and phone number.

Websites like Yelp,, Manta, and many other web directories are considered business citations.

Google uses the information it finds on these website citations to create a brand image of your business.

The more accurate and consistent the information it finds, the better it will be for your local SEO rankings. (What is local SEO?)

So it’s critically that each individual citation that exists on the web have accurate information on it.

This step can be extremely time-consuming as every one of your business’s web citations must be manually reviewed and all incorrect information fixed.