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Attract a steady flow of prospects who are consistently looking for your services every month

Did you know that people are looking for what you're selling right now? They're using websites like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find businesses like yours every single day.

By positioning your business's website in the first positions of the search results you can dramatically increase your business's exposure and create explosive amounts of new business.

Save money on your marketing and advertising expenditures

Did you know that search engine optimization is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies you can implement?

Not only will it generally cost less that traditional advertising you have greater insight and control over who you are targeting.

A 30 second local television commercial ranges from $4000 to $45,000, but who exactly is seeing that commercial? Do you know whether you're actually reaching your prospects or are you advertising to people who would never buy from you? The same can be said regarding other forms of traditional advertising.

However, with SEO, we can analyze search terms and determine whether it's a buyers search term or not and even how many people are searching that term every month.

This allows us to optimize your marketing budget in a way that gets your message and your online sales team (your website) in front of ready to buy target prospects.

If you're not ranking in Google, your competition is

Have you ever taken a moment to search for your business's services in Google? If you haven't done it recently, I would advise you to.

Take a second now.

Go ahead and open up an incognito window of your browser. If you're using Chrome you would press "ctrl + shift + n". If you're using Firefox you'll press "ctrl + shift + p".

An incognito window of your browser allows you to interact with the Internet without keeping any cookies or tracking data that websites store in your browser. This causes data and search results to be biased according to what your Internet activity has been. This can mess with the placement of your business's website in the search results.

So, now that you have that incognito window open, go ahead and go to Google and search for the service you offer with your city name. An example, if you were a dentist would be "dentist in city name".

Where does your website rank?

If it's not in the first few positions of the search results, you're likely missing out on numerous prospects who get caught by your competition's website before they reach yours.

If you're not on the first page at all, then you're likely not getting any traffic from Google and your competition is stealing it all!

Prospects look to search engine rankings as a sign of business success

Running a business is stressful, marketing doesn't need to be

Doing business is getting more complicated, simplify it through effective SEO

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