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Use local SEO in Boston to boost your small business's sales growth

SEO provides a stream of

"buying now" prospects searching for the products and services you're selling

Local SEO traffic is extremely valuable for your business

Take SEO traffic very seriously. Your Bostonian website visitors are there for a reason. They have problems that they need solutions for. They want answers and want to take action to get something done.

This is what makes SEO so beneficial for your business. When prospects come to your website from Google, it’s because they’re looking to your business to provide a solution for their problem.

If you understand your Bostom customers and you can position your business’s website as the source to answer their questions and the business they want to work with.

Digital Marketing in Boston, MA

Boston SEO helps improve credibility & trust

Daily, people place a lot of trust in Google to assist them in finding what they are searching for.

Your business can reinforce its credibility and build trust with your target market in Boston by having a high standing on search engines. The top 3 positions on a Google search result not only get over 70% of the search traffic, but they also borrow some of Google’s authority.

It’s natural for someone to trust a business more when their website is at the top of the search result.

By positioning your business in the top of the results for important search phrases your prospects are looking for, you subconsciously position your business as their best choice.

SEO Wins Over Paid Ads

You’ll get better results with SEO than with paid advertising. Search engine optimization gets 90% more clicks for a business’s website than PPC.

Most internet users ignore paid ads because they trust the Google algorithm to provide the best results. When you use search engine optimization, you’ll get more website visitors from prospects in your Boston target market looking for a business like yours.

Once on your site, you can easily move them to take action and convert them into a paying client.

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