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Why Reputation Management Is Important

Online reviews play a unique role in our digital world. Studies have shown that over 91% of your prospects read online reviews about your business before contacting you.

Not only will positive reviews bring in new clients, but negative reviews will deter numerous prospects from contacting your business.

Especially now, in this new COVID impacted world, online reviews on verified platforms are more important than ever before.

It’s always been important to have new and fresh reviews coming in about your business, but what we’re seeing is that reviews before April are being ignored in many cases.

Due to COVID Online Reviews Are More Important Than Ever

Due to the many changes businesses have had to implement since COVID-19, your business needs to have new and recent reviews that highlight the safety precautions your business is taking, while still maintaining friendly staff interactions, and delivering exceptional products and services.

On top of the social proof that online reviews provide your business, reviews left on your Google Business listing also affect your local Google Map rankings.

Key Elements of Reputation Management

There are two primary aspects of good reputation management.

  1. Systems that generate real positive reviews from your happy clients on third-party certified platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.
  2. Methods to respond to negative reviews that undercuts their negative influence and instead makes your business shine. Almost like taking a 1 star review and turning it into a 5 star review.

Decrypted Reputation Management combines the best reputation management systems to overwhelmingly accomplish these two aspects at an unbeatable price.

Decrypted Reputation Management Features

Combining the very best reputation management features and system to deliver unmatched results.

Brand Monitoring

The Internet is a huge place and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the different platforms and websites people may be using to talk about your business.

However, it’s important to be able to quickly identify when and where people are talking about your business.

If they’re talking about something positive you can easily use these sources to help your marketing efforts.

If they’re mentioning your business in a negative light you can act quickly to respond to the negative feedback and minimize the negative impact on your business.

We monitor millions of websites for mentions of your brand name and alert you once we detect a new mention.

Review Landing Page

You know that getting online reviews for your business is more important than ever, but do you ask your clients to leave you a review?

If you do ask them, where do you ask them to go?

Do you have a process to make it easy for your clients to provide you with their feedback regarding their interactions with your business?

A review landing page is a great way to get real feedback from your clients.

Also, with an easy to remember website address you can easily tell your clients where they need to go in order to leave you a review.

You can list the landing page site address on a sign in your office, in a follow-up email, or a number of other places.

One of the unique features of the review landing page is that if a client leaves you a 5 star review you can then send them directly to leave you a review on a third-party platform like Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

If they leave you a negative review, they will be thanked for submitting their feedback, you will get their response by email, but they will not be asked to leave their review anywhere else.

This doesn’t stop someone from leaving you a negative review altogether, but we’ve found that people often just want a place to vent. As long as you are able to work with them after their negative experience you can address negative feedback before it becomes a public review.

Review Response

Did you know that on many of the online review platforms you can respond directly to the reviews your clients leave for you?

By responding to both positive and negative reviews left for your business, we can further solidify a positive review and undercut the power of a negative review.

We monitor the top directory websites your business is listed on and respond to the reviews left about you.

1 Star to 5 Star Review Conversion

Unfortunately, negative reviews are going to happen.

Whether for a legitimate reason or more often than not, a small matter that gets blown out of proportion.

Knowing this, it’s important to have a strategy to deal with negative reviews.

Studies have shown that the psychological effect of a well-crafted response to a review is much more influential than the initial review itself.

Using our proprietary response formula we can undercut the undesirable effects a negative review can have on prospects looking into your business.

By responding to negative reviews quickly and using our formula we can effectively convert the negative effects of these reviews into positive ones.

Review Retrieval System

Our review retrieval system is designed to maximize the number of reviews you get from clients you know had a positive experience with your business.

This system has helped our clients literally get dozens to hundreds of more 5 star reviews from their best clients.

This avalanche of reviews has helped to boost their local SEO while also creating a tremendous amount of social proof revolving around their business.

We provide you easy access to this system to begin skyrocketing your incoming 5 star reviews.

Recommendation Website Pop Up

Social proof through online reviews is incredibly powerful.

Many people have reported that they put as much trust in an online review as they would a personal recommendation from a friend.

Knowing this, we provide you with a social proof pop up for your website to help leverage this reality.

This small pop up can be easily embedded into your website.

The system pulls your reviews from Google My Business and Facebook and unobtrusively pops up to display the reviewers as people who recommend your company.

Display Review Website Embeds

Easily embed your Google My Business and Facebook reviews and display them directly on your website via single, grid, or carousel views.

These embeds are configured to randomly display your business’s reviews so that your prospects are constantly seeing what other clients have to say about your business, instead of the same static reviews over and over again throughout your site.

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