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SEO helps small businesses compete against large competition

As a small business owner in West Palm Beach, you want to do everything you can to help grow your business and compete with larger companies. While you can’t outspend the mega-corporations when it comes to your marketing, you can level the playing field using strategic SEO.

By positioning your business in the Google search results for search terms your South Floridian prospects are looking for, you can preemptively attract clients that would otherwise go to your bigger competition.

A solid local SEO plan levels the playing field for your small business.

Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

SEO Attracts Prospects Ready To Buy

Search engine optimization is based upon keyword searches. Search results are presented according to the keywords or search phrases that people type in to look for.

Looking for a dentist? You’ll probably go to Google and type in “Dentist in West Palm Beach.”

Good SEO leverages this search intent to target Palm Beach prospects who are currently looking to buy your business’s products and services.

Because SEO is laser-focused, it has the ability to bring the best traffic to your business’s website. So instead of trying to sell cold leads on why they need to buy what you’re selling, you’re simply offering to fulfill what the prospects are already looking to buy.

SEO Is The Most Powerful Mobile Advertising Method

The Internet is rapidly approaching total mobile domination. Currently, over 60% of web usage happens from a mobile device.

The easiest way to find information online is through search engines. By positioning your business at the top of the search results and in the map listings your prospects can easily find your business and take an action.

On a mobile device, right from the search results, your prospects can not only find your website, but call you, get directions to your business, and read your business reviews.

Local SEO is so effective at converting mobile prospects that up to 76% of prospects who perform a local search from their phone, will visit or call one of the businesses they see within a day.

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