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What does it take to rank a business's website in Jacksonville Florida?

Ranking a business's website in Jacksonville FL can be a bit more difficult than other cities, primarily due to the size of Jacksonville.

The city of Jacksonville amasses all of Duval country, so while only the 12th largest city in population in the United States, it is the largest geographical city.

When thinking in terms of SEO, you have to have clarity on the search terms and keywords you are going to be focusing on.

You need to understand what your prospects are going to be typing in to the search engines and how much competition you have in those search results.

This is amplified in an overly spread out city like Jacksonville.

Take a look at the following examples.

Let's say that I wanted to find a dentist in Jacksonville.

I pull up Google, and now what would I most likely type in?

Probably something like, "Jacksonville Dentist" or maybe "dentist in jacksonville fl".

Now, Google is then going to search through all 875 square miles of Jacksonville, FL and return the website's of the dentists it finds in that area.

How about we compare this to another Florida city.

What about Miami?

Let's say we pull up Google and search for "Miami Dentist".

Google is then going to compare the competition within the 55 square miles of the city of Miami and return what it determines are the most relevant results for that search term.

Being in an area with smaller cities can be beneficial in that you can really focus on your area and still maintain a healthy amount of prospects searching for you using your city.

Using South Florida as an example, within the geographic space that Jacksonville takes up, you have:

  • Miami
  • Miami Beach
  • Coral Gables
  • Hialeah
  • North Miami
  • Miami Gardens
  • Kendal
  • Hollywood
  • and numerous more cities

Having smaller cities to focus on, can make the SEO easier to rank your business's website for your "city + industry", but the downside is that you are going to reach fewer people in a smaller city area.

So while SEO in Jacksonville poses its own unique challenges, it's well worth the pay off when your business's website is:

  • Ranked in the #1 position for your focused search term
  • Receiving thousands of visitors to your website everything month
  • Getting numerous phone calls and emails requesting more information
  • Making more sales than you ever have before

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